Learn Quran Academy in the UK is an online Quran school that offers its services exclusively in the UK and also provides online Quran programs. all over the world. By using the latest equipment and methods, providing personalized instruction and employing qualified teachers, we provide you with the best online Quran education.

Contact us, join any online Quran course and start learning this Bible without leaving your home. From children to adults, men to women, our online Quran courses are available for everyone.

Download Quran Recitation Online
We offer you the best online Quran program. Since the beginning of our online Quran learning school, we value the quality of our services. Check out what makes us the best online Quran school when it comes to learning the Holy Quran.

Certified Instructor
Qualified teachers make us the best. We only hire teachers who have degrees from Islamic universities and have good experience in teaching at the Learn Quran Academy.

Also, all our teachers speak good English. So, when it comes to learning Quran, language is not a barrier. Therefore, we recommend that you first take a free trial course to test the expertise of our teachers and then decide whether you want to study with us or not.

Exclusive Online Quran Program
Apart from the three packages listed below, you can also put together packages that suit your needs. From the number of courses per month to their length and class times, you can choose everything that suits your needs.

No matter where your budget is, get in touch now and tell us what benefits you want to get from your online Quran learning. We adapt directly to your needs.

Flexible Time
Are you wondering how to schedule your classes when you have so much to do? No problem. Learn Quran Academy in the UK is the easy solution for you. We give you flexibility in our online Quran classes.

Early in the morning, day or night, we are always available for you. You can plan your course with us according to your needs. Just tell me that you want me to teach you the Quran?

Private Text
With our private lessons, you are the only student in the entire class. This way you will get your teacher’s full attention.

This is very useful if you are a beginner, memorizing or learning Tajweed, because you may have many questions and need a quiet learning environment.

Female Teachers Are Available
It is our mission to provide online Quran lessons for everyone. Whether male or female, our Quran Online Academy provides tutors for both.

We also have female teachers to help you learn the Holy Quran if you are looking for an online Quran school for yourself, your daughter or your sister.