Study Quran Online is an impartial organization and we are not affiliated with any group, Islamic organization or mosque. We welcome all students who are interested in learning the Quran. We consist of a small team of dedicated staff consisting of project management, the engineering department and mentors. Under the unique guidance of many well-known teachers, this team is committed to providing online Quran study services for all interested Muslim brothers and sisters in the UK.

Studying the Quran online recognizes that the vast majority of people are engaged in full-time work, study, and family. Children and sisters in particular face difficulties in accessing Islamic centres and mosques to study the Quran because the social environment, even among Muslims, is not conducive to embarking on the path of knowledge while maintaining their modesty. Therefore, all environmental factors have to be taken into consideration. Our goal is to serve and help these Muslims by providing online one-on-one live interactive sessions to learn the Holy Quran at a time that best suits you. We prefer using skype and zoom for teaching purposes as it ensures the best quality of communication.

Our Core Objectives

Develop students’ moral character

To innovate the way the Qur'an is learned

To make the Quran accessible to everyone

Teaching the Qur'an in an interactive way

Our teaching methods are so successful and all of our students are so satisfied with the services that we offer free trial sessions where you can simply evaluate our services.


Who are we?

The purpose of Learning the Quran Online is to teach the Holy Quran from the Arabic alphabet to reading the Quran in Tajweed in the UK and around the world. Our main aim is to prepare children who are unable to read the Qur'an in Tajweed and adults who can read but do not understand the rules of Tajweed.


Our Mission

The purpose of Learn Quran Online is to serve and help Muslims, both adults and children, by providing online one-on-one live interactive classes to learn the Holy Quran and Islamic education at a time that best suits them. We are dedicated to spreading the Quranic teachings to Muslims living around the world so that they can learn them at home.

Online Quran Tutors

Our faculty

Our teaching faculty is quite experienced and adopt the best methodology for teaching the Quran to English-speaking students. Our teachers are chosen not only for their knowledge, and professional excellence but also for their translation skills. We motivate and encourage students to learn more and more about the Quran. We maintain a team of highly experienced female teachers for female students.

Quran learning for kids

Every parents desire to have a qualified teacher for their kids to learn Quran Online. Equran academy offers Quran learning method for kids with Tajweed recitation. By keeping up with the most recent instructional techniques and technological advancements, Equran academy constantly strives to set the highest standards in Quran Learning for Kids.

We arranged our online Quran learnings one-on-one. To ensure effective improvement in a short amount of time, our teachers provide each kid their complete attention. Our children’s online Quran classes are 30 to 40% quicker than traditional classes.




Are you interested in a free Trial Session?

Join our free trial class and evaluate the quality of our Quran teaching skills as well as the proficiency of the teaching staff. In the end, you may decide whether to continue or not.

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